Thursday, October 20, 2016

Favorite Music


       I am not a very musical person, though a very sweet tune can get me hooked onto it for a long time period. The ironic thing is my dad is a musician that has his very own website that I will put the link down on this page. Pop music is what I regularly listen to on my way to the Fortuna High School, my mother thinks it is catchy so it isn't really my choice. Music from classical movies are beautiful and my favorite composer Max Steiner has a beautiful orchestra in my favorite film King Kong (1933). There is multiple different themes in the movie, and it is considered one of the first movies to have an original score. Other classical films have beautiful scores too, though I shall put the main theme from the movie I talked about. Music can be very empowering, emotional, and very inspiring to me, though I don't listen to much of it for most of the time.




Sunday, September 18, 2016

About Me

                                        About Me:

            My name is Jared Barros, I am a student at the Fortuna Union High School. I am in the 10th grade with various classes of different subjects that are necessary for a four year degree college course. When I was younger about the age of ten or so, I participated in wrestling never winning a match in that year, but I gave my time in the hope of winning a match, I never did another year of wrestling; I was also involved in baseball and soccer. My personal dream is to become a film maker or director, I as a freshman was in a class where I learned to edit videos and made a short information video about my local park. I also enjoy movies and reading superhero comics, mostly I enjoy reading about Superman, but I enjoy any comic. My dog is a husky/lab mix who is extremely fluffy and a little energetic. Every day I give him a walk to give him the exercise that he needs to stay in fit, due to his advanced age. If you don't give him a walk before the sun sets he barks at the door and won't stop until you give him one. I also have a twin of about my height and stature who enjoys game designing more than I do, he also took a filming class with me.

                                           My final for Digital Design 1-video

  Stories About Sports:

                  During wrestling I was not experienced in sports, because I didn't enjoy physical activity. Though I have gotten close to a victory, I never succeeded. Since I wasn't into physical activity, I got to compete against taller elongated people. The first time I had an encounter with one, I was thrown off my feet and slammed onto the mat. This caused me the victory as he used all his weight on me, though I managed to hold my own against another one after that first experienced. During the try outs at Rohner Park, I failed hardly as the authority figures weren't very passionate about helping their students. They also were very bad at pitching the ball to the batter, so I never went back after the try outs. Though I have disliked sports, I have enjoyed playing three different sports in my lifetime.